The Benefits of Algae Control

The Watermaster Dredger Can Remove Algae from Your Pond or Lake

While many lake or pond owners assume that algae are a cause for concern, it does have some benefits to the water’s ecosystem. Though it is not always the most attractive, a well-managed algae level can help provide fish with food and oxygen. With the Watermaster dredger on hand, you can control and eliminate excess algae without completely disrupting the plant and animal life in your waterbody.

What Affects Algae Growth?

If you live in an area where you close up your pond for the winter, or it ices over naturally, the water remains dormant, and the water quality declines. Organic matter begins to collect, eventually throwing off the ammonia and nitrate levels of the water. Once warmer weather hits again, the increase in sunshine and warmth creates the perfect breeding grounds for algae.

Though most ponds will experience a spring bloom of algae, regular seasonal maintenance will help balance the water back out to normal levels. You can also utilize the Watermaster dredger to remove excess algae that may be negatively affecting your water’s ecosystem.

How to Control Algae Growth

There are a variety of additives you can get to combat algae. However, too much of them can have other detrimental effects to the pond. It is important to use algaecides precisely as directed to ensure the oxygen and nutrient levels of the water do not get disturbed.

You can also control algae growth by adding additional shade over your pond. Adding other plants like water lilies and hyacinths can help keep the water cool and prevent excess growth.

Aerating your pond is another excellent way to keep your water levels balanced. If excess algae are growing due to a lack of oxygen, aeration can help the water absorb more oxygen and nutrients to prevent water growth.

You can also use the Watermaster dredger to help excavate your pond or lake to ensure algae growth does not get out of hand. Our fantastic dredger is also able to remove algae completely should you find yourself with toxic growth contaminating your waters. For more information on what our product can do for you, contact us at (203) 742-0080.