Machinery for Shallow Water Dredging

Shallow water dredging has traditionally been divided between excavators for the more shallow and narrow parts and conventional cutter suction dredging equipment for deeper and wider areas. The amphibious, multipurpose Watermaster dredger single-handedly covers all shallow water dredging from the dry ground up to the depth of 19 feet.

The Watermaster is specially designed and certified for both water work and for working from the land. Suction dredging, excavating, raking, and pile-driving are all cost-effectively completed with one versatile machine.

Why Choose Watermaster:

  • The Watermaster dredger covers the whole shallow water area – from 0 to 19 feet depths.
  • The Watermaster can independently move, anchor, and work in the whole shallow water area from dry ground to 19 feet deep. Traditionally, the same work area required many machines and assisting units.
  • The Watermaster is a versatile piece of multipurpose dredging equipment.
  • The Watermaster excels in suction dredging, excavating, pile-driving, and raking.
  • The work efficiency and anchoring stability of this dredging equipment are in a class of its own thanks to the smart Watermaster operating system (IWOS.)
  • The Watermaster is specially designed and certified for shallow water work safety.
  • The Watermaster is fully capable and certified for working safely both in water and on land.
  • The Watermaster is a vessel, approved by Bureau Veritas and a maritime authority inspects each dredger.
  • The Watermaster offers full amphibious mobility.
  • The Watermaster is an amphibious vessel that does not only float but truly masters the water.
  • The Watermaster is self-propelled and can travel considerable distances in water to reach the worksite at a maximum speed of 4 knots.
  • On dry ground, the Watermaster can walk and is stable, safe, and tested.