The Watermaster Amphibious Dredger

For All Shallow Water Work from Dry Ground to 19-Feet Depth

Streamline your machinery fleet by utilizing the multipurpose Watermaster dredger. With this piece of equipment in your arsenal, you can do more work with fewer machines. You will save on investment costs, operational costs, and maintenance costs. With a large selection of quickly changeable attachments, the Watermaster adapts to all of your site’s requirements.

The Watermaster is a self-propelled, fully amphibious dredger that is safe and easy to use for shallow water dredging. Mobilizing the Watermaster is simple: transport on a standard trailer as a complete unit, quickly unload and walk independently into the water without crane assistance. One man operates the Watermaster – no tugboats, assisting vessels, extra labor, separate anchors, wire-cables, or winches are needed.

Keep waterways in excellent condition, prevent floods, clean urban canals, and remove invasive water vegetation with our machinery. The Watermaster helps you solve all of your shallow water dredging problems. This equipment was born out of necessity, as there was no suitable equipment available for maintaining the inland waters of Finland, the land of almost 200,000 lakes.

Excavators are primarily land-based, and conventional dredgers only operate in deeper waters. No machine could adequately handle the work in shallow waters. In 1986, the situation hanged when we introduced an innovation. The amphibious, multipurpose, Watermaster dredger is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. It can handle work in the whole shallow water area from dry ground to a water depth of 19 feet.

This excellent concept has been perfected through continuous development work based on customer feedback and over 30 years of field experience. Hundreds of models of this amphibious dredger are currently solving shallow water projects in over 70 countries worldwide.