Additional Shallow Water Dredging Resources

When it comes to shallow water dredging, there is no machine more perfectly equipped for the job than the Watermaster. The Watermaster dredger is multipurpose and fully functional on both land and in the water. Whether you are working to develop shorelines along the beach or streamline a lake, our equipment will efficiently get the job done.

Our premier dredging machine is recognized as a commercial maritime vehicle, meaning it must be made in America to be utilized in America. Traditionally developed overseas, we are now able to bring this excellent piece of equipment to the states to complete a variety of shallow water dredging jobs from the East to West coast.

The Watermaster dredger is an exceptional machine that will make your dredging tasks so much easier. For more information on our equipment, the jobs it can complete, and our industry as a whole, check out our additional resources below. If you are interested in testing out our premier dredging machine for yourself, give us a call today at (203) 742-0080.

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