4 Ways to Use the Watermaster Dredger

The Watermaster dredger is one of the most premier dredging machines on the worldwide market. It can single-handedly complete a variety of projects that are often taken care of by multiple machines. Whether you are an engineering, construction, or dredging company, our premier equipment can make any job you have so much easier. Below are four ways to use our Watermaster dredger.

Restore Shallow Shores and Waterways

The Watermaster dredger is fully capable of shallow water dredging, allowing it to depend, build, and clean out shores and waterways. Traditional dredgers are often big, clunky, and do not provide adequate movement in shallow areas. However, the Watermaster can complete any shallow water dredging task with ease.

Clean and Prevent Flooding

Our dredging equipment is capable of cleaning up waters after a flood has impacted the community. It can easily help remove dirt, debris, and home damage from community water systems. It also can help prevent future floods with its multipurpose dredging capabilities.

Aid in Construction Projects

When constructing near water or on low sea-level areas, the Watermaster dredger is the perfect piece of equipment for the job. It can help ensure any pipes and cables can be adequately placed for the property being built. It can easily maneuver on the site and offers exceptional excavation capabilities.

Clean and Maintain Industrial Ponds

The Watermaster dredger also has suction dredging capabilities, allowing it to clean potentially contaminated waters adequately. It can also help move water away from an area, as well as rebuild once cleanup has been completed. This dredger can also help recover valuable materials from the ponds.

The Watermaster is an amphibious multipurpose shallow water dredger that is perfect for a variety of different applications. Shallow water dredging used to be a challenge, but you will never have to dread this task again with our excellent equipment.

If you are interested in purchasing our dredging equipment for your company, contact us today at (203) 742-0080. If you cannot purchase one outright, we have plenty of rental options available to ensure your next job goes as smoothly as possible.